ESL Education

What does it mean to provide ESL Education, or even receive one?  When teaching English as a second language it is an educator’s duty to learn about the appropriate methods and teaching styles that are the most effective in order to deliver quality ESL education.  Becoming certified in TEFL/TESOL is your first step in the right direction. Understanding what ESL Education is proves equally important… When language minority students enter into the education system, they are enrolled in a particular language program model designed specifically for English as a second language (ESL) and bilingual education. Currently, there are a variety of language program models implemented by schools and school districts serving the English language learner (ELL) population. It is important to recognize that each of the models share the unique goal of teaching English to the ELLs. However, it is clear that certain models are better designed than others and can significantly impact the process of language acquisition. It is important for schools to fully understand the many differences as well as similarities of these models in order to make a carefully educated decision as to which will provide their ELLs the best education possible. For you as an educator, changing the lives of even a few of the over 1 billion people who seek to learn English as a second language is a honorable job.  Employment in the field of ESL Education has never been bigger and the available teaching positions world-wide continues to grow rapidly.  However, it is important that you get certified first so that you do have the proper tools and experience to deliver quality content.  Even if you do not have any teaching experience you can apply to these programs and become an ESL qualified teacher within a short period of time.  Click Here to learn more.

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